We designed it with all of us in mind: you, our customer, G.E.T., the manufacturer, and the environment. The program allows TerraFlo® customers to recycle their old filter cartridges.

It solves the problem of sustaining effective water treatment while preventing used and contaminated filters from finding their way into the ecosystem. It ensures that your used filters are not needlessly thrown away, that your water quality is maintained and that the environment is preserved.

Your participation in our program of filter recycling keeps your water safe, healthy and good tasting while demonstrating your commitment to a clean environment.

Last year we had over 72% participation in our recycling program and we are continuing our efforts to educate consumers about the importance of recycling their water treatment systems and the benefits of TerraFlo®.

"G.E.T. has really set the good steward example with recycling their water filter cartridges... We should all support this type of responsible technology."

— Co-op America Business Network

A Ton of Toxics

Drinking water filters are supposed to do one thing: remove the impurities from your drinking water. That means that if the contaminants are no longer in your water, they must be in your filter. There are a ton of toxins in your water filter because they build up over time.

Fixing One Problem, Creating Another

Other filters offer you half a solution. They let you improve the quality of your water and then they let you dispose a concentrated toxic time bomb into your local landfill. They make you the polluter. The reason you need a water filter in the first place is because of this kind of thinking. When you "conveniently dispose" of your water filter cartridge into the local landfill, you are creating a cycle of contamination. The cartridge eventually breaks down and begins to leak its toxic contents into the surrounding soil and water. Hey! What about the rest of us? This doesn't sound like anything you would knowingly be a part of?

Now you know!

TerraFlo® - The Environmentally Responsible Solution.

TerraFlo® water filters remove things like chlorine, lead and cysts from your tap water, while our recycling program prevents used filters from going to your local landfill so they can't leach and contaminate the ecosystem. If you had a TerraFlo® , you wouldn't need to worry about the quality of your water or what to do with your used filter. We clean up your water and then we keep the environment clean by taking back your old filter and recycling it. With TerraFlo® , you get the most effective filter at the best price, the best water (and lots of it by the way), and a solution to the problem of all those filters going out with the Friday night trash. We feel good about taking back our filters. You should too, because we both want to be part of the solution.

The Global Recycling Program

The Global Recycling Program™ is G.E.T.'s used cartridge recycling program. G.E.T.'s recycling program is the only one of its kind. We designed it with all of us in mind; you, our customer, G.E.T. the manufacturer and the environment.

Due to UPS increasing their minimum requirements for the authorized return service (ARS) label program, UPS will not be providing G.E.T. with prepaid return labels for the return of your used TerraFlo® cartrides.

Simply mail used filters to:
1003 S. 10th St.
Allentown, PA 18103

G.E.T. receives the used cartridges at our Recycling, Assembly and Distribution Center and separates the three components of the cartridge onto its designated recycling piles, the carbon, rubber and plastic to be returned to different vendors/recyclers for recycling.

The cartridge, including the materials are not and never can be reused in a potable or drinking water application. They are recycled to prevent these materials from being thrown in the trash and continuing the cycle of contamination.

Your participation in our program of cartridge recycling keeps your water safe, healthy and good tasting while demonstrating your commitment to a clean environment.


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