Thank you for purchasing the TerraSpa™ shower dechlorinator system, one of the many fine environmental products from Global Environmental Technologies. Our hope is to provide you with a high quality product, while keeping a commitment to the environment we live in. We hope you enjoy using your TerraSpa™ and welcome any comments or suggestions to better our products.

Your TerraSpaShower Dechlorinator

The TerraSpa™Shower Dechlorinator removes most of the chlorine present and also saves water and energy!
It makes sense to remove the chlorine from our showers as well as from our drinking water because many authorities feel that we absorb more chlorine from one shower than from drinking the same water in one day.

Chlorine and You

Chlorine is universally used to chemically purify water. Municipal water suppliers use chlorine and its derivatives to effectively destroy microorganisms in drinking water.

Chlorine is also familiar as a bleaching agent. Almost every home uses household bleach in its laundry. To be an effective bleach, it is necessary that a substance must also be able to attack organic mater. Chlorine does this very well. Our skin, hair, lungs, and eyes are also organic - and chlorine attacks these as well. Chlorine bonds with the protein in our bodies making hair dry and unmanageable, and sensitive dry skin flake and itch.

More About Chlorine

Chlorine exists in two forms - combined available chlorine and free available chlorine. Combined available chlorine is present as chloramine or other derivatives in water. Free available chlorine is the residual chlorine present as a dissolved gas, hypochlorous acid, or hypochlorite that is not combined with ammonia. It is free available chlorine that presents the most danger to humans, and it is this form of chlorine that the TerraSpa removes. NOTE: Simple OTO type chlorine tests cannot be relied upon to show the presence of free available chlorine. This type of test also shows the presence of combined chlorine. When testing for free available chlorine, an inexpensive test is the GPO type test method.


  1. Tools and material required:

    A. Slip joint pliers or adjustable wrench (to remove existing showerhead).

    B. Teflon joint sealing tape.

    1. Remove the existing showerhead from the shower arm. (see Fig. A)

    2. If your showerhead has an integral ball joint it should be either replaced with a standard ½" threaded shower arm or an adapter can be used (see Fig. B). Ball adapters can be purchased from most hardware or building supply dealers. The following list may be of help:

      Plumb Shop Adapter for American Standard: PS-2592
      Plumb Shop Adapter for Price Pfister: PS-2593
      Plumb Shop Adapter for Gerber: PS-2596

    3. Wrap about 4 turns of Teflon joint sealing tape around the shower arm threads (or adapter threads, if adapter is used.)

    4. Attach adapter, if an adapter is required, with slip joint pliers.

    5. Attach the TerraSpa™ by hand tightening it to shower arm or adapter (see Fig. C). Be careful to avoid cross-threading when starting the threads. Do not over tighten. It is only necessary to tighten enough to prevent leaks.

    6. IF THE SHOWERHEAD IS REPLACED, OR WHEN INSTALLING THE TerraSpa™ WITH YOUR OWN SHOWERHEAD, IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT A FLOW RESTRICTING HEAD BE USED. This is not only mandatory in most cities but is necessary to insure proper filter action of the Shower Dechlorinator unit — SHOWER HEAD FLOW SHOULD NOT EXCEED 2.5 GPM AT 60 PSI.

    7. The TerraSpa™ can be used with a hand held shower unit by removing the existing shower head and attaching the TerraSpa™ to the shower arm using Teflon joint sealing tape. Attach the flexible hose to the outlet of the TerraSpa™ according to the manufacturer's instructions for the hand held unit.




How Long Will Your TerraSpa™ Shower Dechlorinator Last?

In most conditions, the TerraSpa™ shower filter will reduce free chlorine for about one year, or 10,000 gallons, which ever occurs first. Replacement cartridges are available from Global Environmental Technologies. You may place an order online or by phone at 800.800.8377

Care of your TerraSpa Shower Dechlorinator and "Backflushing"

The ability of the TerraSpa™ to continue to remove chlorine will depend on the quality of the water source, the amount of chlorine and hardness, and how much the TerraSpa™ is used. Over a period of time, reduction of water flow may be experienced. Should this occur, the TerraSpa™ may be "backflushed" as follows:

  1. Remove the TerraSpa™ from the shower arm.

  2. Remove the showerhead from the TerraSpa™.

  3. Turn the TerraSpa™ around and attach the backflushing coupling (supplied) to the outlet of TerraSpa™ (see Fig. D).

  4. Attach the coupling to the shower arm.

  5. Turn on the shower and flush the TerraSpa™ with warm water for several minutes at full flow.

  6. Remove the unit and reassemble using Teflon joint sealing tape.

The TerraSpa™ uses a patented filter medium to effectively remove chlorine. This filter medium is many times more effective than the carbon used in most water filters. Unlike carbon, the filter medium is more efficient in hot water. It also reduces fungus, algae, and hydrogen sulfide. Its bacteriostatic characteristics inhibit the growth of new bacteria in the TerraSpa™ filter.

How Long Will Your TerraSpaShower Dechlorinator Last?

The length of time that the TerraSpa™ will reduce the chlorine level in your shower water will depend on the level of chlorine present, pH, amount of water used, the hardness of the water and the care of the unit. If the unit is backflushed as required it should last a year or more under average water conditions.

Using a Flow Restricting Water Head

The TerraSpa™ must be attached to a showerhead that regulates the water flow rate to 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM) from water pressure as low as 15 pounds per square inch (psi) to pressures as high as (100 psi). This requirement not only results in substantial energy and water savings, but it is also crucial for the effective operation of the TerraSpa™ filter. Restricting the flow of water through the TerraSpa™ insures the proper "contact time" of the water within the filter.


  • The TerraSpa™ is designed for potable water systems only.
  • Do not allow your TerraSpa™ to freeze, or use with water over 110 F (43 C) temperature.
  • Maximum water pressure should not exceed 100 psi.
  • Do not use in systems with high iron content using chemicals such as polyphosphates.
  • The TerraSpa™ is not to be used for drinking purposes.